Friday, August 04, 2006

Peace Poems from Gush Shalom

Since July 21, 2006, Gush Shalom, the Peace Party in Israel, has been placing ads protesting the war in the newspaper Haaretz. Translated into English the text of the ads sound like little poems. Not sure if they have the same effect in Hebrew but I find them remarkable. Here is the one for today, August 4, 2006:

This war has
Only one aim left:

To save the prestige of
And Halutz.

All the other aims
Have gone up in smoke.

There is no military solution.

Tomorrow, Saturday, 6 pm, in Tel-Aviv, we shall take part in a march of all the peace organizations against the war.
Starting from Ben-Zion Boulevard corner King George, we shall march to Magen David Square. JOIN!

Ad published in Haaretz, August 4, 2006

No need to wonder just how the American media will cover the peace protest, I would guess that there will be no coverage of it at all.

Here is another:

After the war,
The situation will be
As it was before.

A hundred speeches
Of Olmert
Will not change that.

There is no military solution.
Only a political settlement.

Ad published in Haaretz, August 4, 2006

I'm captivated by their haiku-like quality but I would guess that they probably rhyme in Hebrew. Would any American organization ever protest through poetry? Here is their ad after Qana:
"We warned them
And called on them
To escape!"

That is disgusting

Because we have:
Bombed the roads.
Destroyed the bridges.
Cut off the supply of gasoline.
Killed whole families on the way.

There is only one way
Of preventing more such disasters,
Which turn us into monsters:
T O S T O P!

There is no military solution!

Ad published in Haaretz, August 1, 2006

Read them all and find more information about the peace movement in Israel on their website.


TrudyJ said...

I'm not sure there is rhyming poetry in Hebrew (though I'm sure someone more knowledgeable will correct me if wrong) ... I know the biblical psalms are written using "thought parallelism" which I remember being taught was typical of Hebrew poetry -- state a thought, then restate in different words in the next line -- and these seem to me to have something of the same feel. You're right that, translated into English, they are kind of haiku-like and beautiful. Of course I think any call for peace is beautiful....

Umm 'Skandar said...

Trudy! So wonderful to see you here. I'm honored!

Your suggestion of "thought parallelism" seems right on the mark. Gush Shalom continues to create and publish the poems. I hope that soon there will not be a need.