Friday, May 12, 2006

New chick!

Yes, I am now part of "Blogging Chicks!," a collection of blogs written by women. Please take a look at the Blogging Chicks blogroll that will now be a part of my sidebar. Thanks to Michelle for organizing it and Owlhaven for bringing it to my attention. If you are a women who blogs consider signing up!

I plan to spend some time exploring the other "Blogging Chicks" and I'll highlight my favorites in another post!


Kim said...

Yea! Congrats! Look at you...a new blogger and already making friends. I'm still not over that obsessive-stats-checking phase that started once I realized, "Hey, people are actually reading this stuff!"

Have fun!

michele said...

Thanks for the plug and welcome to the group! That's a great idea to highlight your favorites, saves your readers some time :-).

Jana said...

Hi, from another Chick!

Malissa said...

hey from another blgging chick:)

I have lots of fun checking out a few new blogs a day--my favorites seem to change often:)