Wednesday, July 12, 2006

"Works for Me" Garage Towels

Today I'm joining Rocks in the Dryer Dryer for Works for Me Wednesday. I've always enjoyed what Mary at Owlhaven has on Works for me Wednesday, so I thought I'd join in.

Garage towels. Okay, this is my mom's term. I don't actually have a garage. I keep my garage towels in the laundry room which is just off the kitchen. I have an open loft-like floor plan with kitchen, dining room, living room and family room all in an open 29 x 40 sq. foot space. It fits in well with our kid-centric, attachment parenting lifestyle. Lots of activities can be done within view of one another but it wouldn't work without those towels!

The towels themselves are nothing special, just old, frayed, stained bath towels. They are kept folded on low shelf. Garage towels enable everyone to mop up spills quickly. They make tea parties, pretend cooking, toddlers who play in pet water bowls possible. They allow kids to serve themselves milk and lemonade. And they are priceless during the switch from diapers to underwear. Its amazing how much liquid a bath towel can absorb whether on hardwoods or carpet. (Note: when handing big spills on carpet, teach the kids to "do a dance" on top of the towel to encourage absorption.) The little ones learn not to cry over spills but to clean it up! I do my share of mop-up with these towels too and its amazing how a quick clean up can defuse irritation and let me see how important it is to focus on the kids and not the mess. Works for me!


Mama Duck said...

Ah yes, we have a lot of those ourself ;).

Kim said...

What a great term! I need to move ours to a lower shelf that the kids can reach. The problem with that is that they wind up mixed in with the bath towels!

Mom2fur said...

We call them 'garage towels, too!'

Barb, sfo said...

I have a bunch of these, but stupidly I put them on the highest shelf. So only DH or I can get them.
Time to fix THAT! I can put the "cleaning poisons" up there and get those towels down low where anyone can help. Thanks! :)